Mammal Study Award 2021

Yu Endo, Liang-Kong Lin, Koji Yamazaki, Kurtis Jai-Chyi Pei, Shih-Wei Chang, Yen-Jean Chen, Keiji Ochiai, Shuuji Yachimori, Tomoko Anezaki, Yayoi Kaneko, Ryuichi Masuda (2020) Introduction and expansion history of the masked palm civet, Paguma larvata, in Japan, revealed by mitochondrial DNA control region and cytochrome b analysis.Mammal Study 45 (3): 243-251.

 This study examined genetic variation in the masked palm civet, Paguma larvata, using two mitochondrial DNA markers (the control region and cytochrome b) to clarify the introduction and expansion history of this alien species in Japan, using sufficient samples (n = 226) collected from Japan and Taiwan. The award committee rated several points made by this study highly: it clarified that there were multiple introductions of P. larvata into Japan—basic biological information that is scarce for this species—and offered important knowledge for the future management of this alien species. In addition, this paper was clearly written with careful explanations of previous studies and precise discussion based on sufficient data obtained in this study. The award committee expects that the combination of basic and applied science (in this case, future studies of the management of alien species based on molecular phylogenetic data) will become a model strategy in mammalogy.

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