Message from the President

The Mammalogical Society of Japan continues developing as one of the international bases of the mamamlogy with 1,100 members of the Society. The Society is becoming mature also as a general incorporated association and, under the stronger social trust, will make effort to create the free and active Society.

The mammalogy has a history traditionally created by Europe and North America, and Asia also constitutes its great pole. The Mammalogical Society of Japan now needs to demonstrate the real value to play a part of the mammalogy in the world.

There is an important role to raise a young member carrying the next generation in scientific study and education in The Society. I sincerely hope that The Society where young people intensely discuss will develop. I would be pleased if you could give us guidance and encouragement for the development of The Society.

President of The Mammalogical Society of Japan
Hideki Endo
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